2018 Attendees

                           (last updated November 26, 2018)

          G3WGV         John Linford
          K3TW             Tom Warren
          K4AHO         Jim and Becky (KB4JJN) Diggs, guests
                               of W8KJP
          K4JJW          Dick Goodwin
          K4WJ           John and Susan Bohnovic
          K5KG           George and Kay Wagner
          K5TF            Dick Baxter
          K5WK           Ken and Barbara (KD5CFF) Waites
          K8JPM         Bob and Peggy (WB8ZPW) Booher
K9QVB         John and Joyce Meyer
KC4YDP       Jerry and Jardy Richards, and Jardy's
                      sister Fran
M0PCB         Iain Kelly
MD0CCE      Bob and Ann Barden
N5CW           Curt and Jan (KC5PQG) Waites
W1YL            Ellen White
W3EEE         Steve Dove, guest of G3WGV
W4CI            Dave and Brenda Hillebrandt
W4LT            Lu and Linda Romero, guests of W1YL
W4MQC       Alan and Meredith Pike
W8KJP         Del Clouser
W9RGB        Vic and Carol Abell
WB4FSF       Bonnie Taylor and David Lewis