2021 Attendees

 (last updated July 26, 2021)

        AK4Z                  John and Amy (KT4E) Rothrock
        K4QS                  Chuck and Vicki Stover
        K4XU                  Dick and Chris Frey
        K5KG                 George and Kay Wagner
         K5TF                  Dick and Mary Baxter
        K5WK                Ken and Barbara (KD5CFF) Waites
        K8JPM               Bob and Peggy (WB8ZPW) Booher
        K9FN                  Dave Bunte
        KR3E                  Ed and Laura Tobias
        N3RS                   Sig and Mary Ann Sigismonti
         N4FP                   Wayne and Marty (N4GL) Brown
        N5CW                 Curt and Jan (KC5PQG) Waites
        W1YL                  Ellen White
        W3FSA                John Shorb and Dana Morris-Jones
        W4CI                  Dave and Brenda Hillebrandt
        W4EDE               Lee Kerbel
        W4MQC            Alan and Meredith Pike
        W4PM                Puck and Judy Motley
        W4ZYT              Don Lynch
        W5FB                 Asa and Karen Page
        W8KJP               Del Clouser
        W9RGB              Vic and Carol Abell
        WB4FSF             Bonnie Lewis